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Supporting the development of a corporate presence in the fusion energy sector.

Who We Are

Pegasus Fusion Strategies, Inc. (PFS) is a consulting firm founded by Jane Hotchkiss and Wally Johnston to bring fusion energy to the grid. Jane has a thirty year career working on clean energy, from policy to renewable development for NGO’s, private companies and the public. Wally has experience in the finance, med-tech and energy industries, as well as an entrepreneurial venture which is focused on providing carbon-free urban mobility solutions.

The co-founders have been engaged in fusion energy since 2013, after being introduced to MIT’s Plasma Science Fusion Center (PSFC), which had just published ARC, a blue print for net energy. Net energy is considered to be the “Holy Grail” of fusion research, meaning that more energy is produced from, than required to start, the fusion reaction.

Having been inspired by the work done at MIT, the founders formed Energy for the Common Good to augment the work of PFSC. They also educate external parties that fusion – the long awaited clean, non-carbon, inexhaustible fusion energy – is on a path to commercial availability in a relevant timeframe. This outreach has included NGO’s, legislators and other state and federal government officials, potential funding sources, as well as the larger energy industry.

Our Mission

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Our team represents global talents in the business management, clean energy, finance and research sectors. All are dedicated to the rapid development and commercial deployment of fusion.

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Our Mission

It is our mission to prepare the public space for fusion by providing research, information, and ideas to the many constituents vital to successful and efficient adoption of this critical, conflict-free energy source.

Our Purpose

Pegasus was formed to focus on the commercial fusion industry, a rapidly expanding environment of companies working toward creating consumable energy. Our experience and capabilities are centered on providing:

  • commercial fusion companies a resource to move more quickly toward funding and operation

  • a conduit for those interested in fusion energy to stay abreast of the state of the industry

  • the industry with the means to create a social license for the rapid deployment of fusion energy

A number of projects are underway either for clients or pro bono in areas ranging from funding options to education of middle and high school students on the potential of fusion energy.

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