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Jane Hotchkiss

President of Pegasus Fusion Strategies, Inc., Managing Director of Energy for the Common Good, 501(c)3

Jane Hotchkiss has spent nearly 30 years in the energy space, beginning in the late 80’s at Skadden, Arps focused on the then nascent renewable industry. She brought her passion for carbon free energy with her to Boston, where she became the first renewables advocate at both the Conservation Law Foundation and at the Land and Water Fund of the Rockies. In addition to her advocacy, policy and regulatory work , Jane has challenged the fossil fuel industry directly as a co-founder of the Clean Air Task Force and as a consultant to PG&E on clean air and climate as a lead consultant on the Madison Wind Project.

In the solar development space, Jane served as the Managing Director of CEI, challenging the MA Municipal Electric sector to develop a 30 MW solar project. She arranged JPMorgan financing and successfully secured a full complement of sites. After realizing the promise of fusion energy, she has dedicated herself to fusion’s social licensing process: preparing the external world to believe, invest, license and regulate fusion, soon enough to make a difference. Jane is currently serving her second elected term on the Concord Select Board in Concord, MA.


Wally Johnston

Wally Johnston co-founded Pegasus Fusion Strategies to build the case for an aggressive move toward fusion energy “soon enough to make a difference.” In 2014, he co-founded Energy for the Common Good (ECG) to foster carbon reduction, clean energy and efficiency solutions. His work at ECG and his early background in municipal finance on Wall Street propelled him to help move fusion power closer to reality in a financially feasible way. He has led teams driving complex technical ideas to market in financial trading and electric urban transportation. Mr. Johnston is currently serving his second term on the Concord School Committee.

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